Client Web Portal

Scion Dentalís Client Web Portal (CWP) is a powerful oversight and management tool offered to all our clients. With it, your executive management team can review and analyze important plan and program information in real-time, using a suite of targeted data analytics tools to assess program efficiencies.

Management tools can be added or subtracted from your CWP plan at any time. A few of the available options include:

Manage claims and authorizations

  • Check the status of claims submitted by your providers.
  • Check the status of authorizations submitted by your providers.
  • Check the status of facility claims.
  • Launch the Customer Service Module (CSM) to track and resolve customer inquiries.
  • Launch the Authorization Determination Module (ADM) to determine authorizations and generate letters for providers and members.

Work with reports and documents

  • Securely send and view confidential files.
  • Launch the Enterprise Business Intelligence System (eBIS) to generate business reports.
  • Launch the Executive Dashboard to monitor key business statistics.