Company Profile

Scion Dental was established in April of 2009, spearheaded by a team of investors and management executives at the forefront of dental benefit administration throughout the United States since the early 90s.

In 1993, the current Scion Dental leadership team created a Medicaid dental administration company that changed all the rules. We invited all providers to participate, tied provider compensation to individual claims, and managed dental benefit programs with incentive-aligned systems. By changing the rules of how Medicaid dental programs were administered and by employing sophisticated technology to help keep administrative costs low, millions of people were able to access dental services who may not have had that opportunity otherwise. We created a technology infrastructure that was unrivaled, giving us the undisputed title of the lowest-cost dental administrator in the United States.

When we sold our dental administration company in 2004, we turned our expertise toward developing advanced, web-based software systems for administering government-sponsored and commercial dental benefit plans. After five years, our reflections and observations on the current state of dental program management drove us to create Scion Dental, once again changing all the rules.

We recognize that program costs need to be controlled and managed, and high-quality services need to be more available to all members. We also recognize that applying the technological tools and web-based systems developed over the past five years could significantly lower costs and improve service.

Our vision for success can be defined in just three words: Outreach. Management. Results. Our strategies for accomplishing each of these objectives for clients, members and providers are derived from our many years of experience in dental benefits administration. Its what we do. Its all we do. And nobody does it better.